Working on Packs

2017 is here! For me so far, it hasn’t been a good start in real life because there’s some weird and bad problems happening but it’s not that serious. As the title said, I want to work on releasing the anime packs but it needs a little revamp. What I mean is that I want to improve each simfile over the past few years before it can be release in packs. The game pack are not ready to be release as it may need more simfiles to be put in but will review those game simfiles. The anime simfiles in packs will include creditless op & ed videos (not all of them), remake on steps difficulty and syncing. There are some simfiles that I’m proud of so it doesn’t need to be change. The simfiles I released with the links seperately will still be there since there may be some people who likes what I’ve made and doesn’t want to be changed. So when the packs come, it will be different from the original simfiles I released over the past few years. That’s probably about it that you may need to know. If I’m not doing this, then either I’m working on new simfiles or probably be busy in real life. Until then, hope you guys have a very good new year!

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