Bungou Stray Dogs ED3

Title: Lily
Subtitle: Bungou Stray Dogs ED3
Artist: Luck Life
Difficulty: 1/3/6/8/10
Download: http://bit.ly/2SKAVdk

Luck Life back at it again to sing another ending song for Bungou Stray Dogs! Not the same without them.

Here are the links for the previous season updated EDs simfiles.
BSD ED1 – Namae wo Yobu yo: http://bit.ly/2SL5mAd
BSD ED2 – Kaze ga Fuku Machi: http://bit.ly/2Ydd4Jh

Will wait patiently for 4th season, if there’s gonna be one. I’m up-to-date with reading the manga. I don’t think there’s enough content for now. So maybe in a couple years or so…

I have decided what songs I want to do for summer season. May post a preview video about it.

Hope you enjoy!
To the stray dogs 🥂

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