Jujutsu Kaisen OP2

Subtitle: Jujutsu Kaisen OP2
Artist: Who-ya Extended
Difficulty: 1/3/6/9/11
Download: https://bit.ly/31sh9bN

Hey everyone! Got 3 simfile releases today!

Winter Season 2021 is packed! I have made some simfiles for this season, which will be release in the upcoming days.
Jujutsu Kaisen is amazing! Definitely enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the prequel movie.
I have made Jujutsu Kaisen OP1 & ED1, but I never release them… yet. Maybe at a later date?

Jubo has made OP1 & ED1 if you haven’t downloaded them yet. Link is down below:
OP1: https://jubo.otakusdream.com/downloads/2021/Kaikai%20Kitan%20%5bJujutsu%20Kaisen%20OP%5d%5b210202%5d.zip

ED1: http://jubo.otakusdream.com/downloads/2021/LOST%20IN%20PARADISE%20%5bJujutsu%20Kaisen%20ED%5d%5b210120%5d.zip

Hope you enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen OP2!

Sidenote: Fruits Basket 2nd Season songs are currently not finish yet. Will have to wait a little longer.

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